Download area

The 3D models are available to download via HTTP. The models are in tiff format

The files are compressed using gzip and can be uncompressed using gunzip (linux/unix) , 7-zip (Windows), or stuffit expander (OS9/OSX)

Anatomy models

24hrs.tif.gz (132MB)
48hrs.tif.gz (79MB)
72hrs.tif.gz (66MB)
96hrs.tif.gz (129MB)
120hrs.tif.gz (205MB)
5mm.tif.gz (330MB)
6mm.tif.gz (234MB)
7mm.tif.gz (215MB)
8mm.tif.gz (199MB)
9mm.tif.gz (242MB)
10mm.tif.gz (200MB)
11mm.tif.gz (304MB)
12mm.tif.gz (283MB)
13mm.tif.gz (233MB)
14mm.tif.gz (417MB)
15mm.tif.gz (302MB)
16mm.tif.gz (349MB)
17mm.tif.gz (496MB)